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Marbello Project: Pouring the Walls

We are making great progress pouring the cement for the first floor walls. We are currently about halfway complete with this portion of the project.

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Marbello Project: Pouring the Foundation

Today we poured the cement for the foundation. Next step will be pouring the cement for the walls.

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Marbello Project: The Foundation and Perimeter Walls

The steel and cement have arrived at the lot, and we have begun building the foundation and the first level of the home. The first level will be made of traditional building materials (not containers), and in the photo below you can see the steel rebar where the walls are going to be.

Once this level is finished, we will place the four containers on top (two levels of two containers each.) The three levels combined will have about 2,500 sqft of living area, not including the rooftop terrace and other sheltered porch areas.


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