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Marbello Project: Images of Finished Home

As we get ready to place the containers on the first floor structure, we wanted to include some images of what the house will look like when it’s finished.

Front view — plenty of outdoor patio space on levels 2 and 3. The area around the first level will be partially backfilled to keep it as a cooler sublevel, thus no windows needed.

Inside view of the 2nd level —  Master Bedroom and Bathroom on the right, with separate entrance to deck area:

Back view — the stairwell is attached at the back, which allows for more room inside the home. You can also see the garage entrance from this view.


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Marbello Project: Finishing the Top of the First Floor

We are putting the finishing touches on the first floor in preparation for placing the two floors of containers on top.

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Marbello Project: Stairwell

We are building a three level enclosed stairwell that will have access to each of the three levels of our house. By building it at the back of the house, we are saving interior space.

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