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Marbello Project: Tire Wall Stats

Tire Wall Stats:

To date, we have…

  • Used 357 tires in the wall
  • Used salvaged waste products that were going to be thrown in the dump, into a riverbed, or burned, including:
    • 150 empty cement bags
    • 100 boxes
    • 100 feet of damaged plastic wrap

The wall is about 50 tires long, and each tire weighs about 300 lbs. when filled with dirt.

We will use about 3,000 tires to build the 30 ft high retaining wall.

The tire wall is now four levels high (the bottom level is buried)

The latest batch of large tires arrives for use in the wall


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Marbello Project: Tire Retaining Wall

In keeping with the recycling theme of the shipping container home, we are starting to build a retaining wall out of used tires. It will take about 3,000 tires to build the 30 ft high retaining wall behind our house.

In an effort to eliminate even more waste, we are using cement bags left over from the first level construction (and hundreds that we collected from trash sites all over the area) underneath each tire to hold the dirt.

Here are some photos of the start of the project, and we will post more as the project progresses.

Our first load of about 200 tires from an auto shop in Rivas

The lower levels of the wall are three tires deep, tapering off to one tire deep at the top

Each row has about 50 tires

Each tire is packed with dirt and weighs about 300 pounds when filled

View of the tires from the top of the three-story stairwell

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Marbello Project: First Floor Ceiling

The first floor ceiling is actually the underside of the container sitting on top of the first floor. This makes for a very cool, loft-like, industrial looking ceiling. We are painting the aluminum beams a bright blue, and staining the wood in between the beams. This will be a nice combination with the walls, which will be painted a terra cotta color, and the beige floor tiles we will be installing.

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Marbello Project: Septic System

We are building a three chamber septic system, rated for use by 20 people.

  • The first chamber is a 5,000 liter tank where solids and liquids are separated.
  • Next the liquids go into the second chamber, which is a 2,500 liter tank with a gravel filter system.
  • Finally, the third chamber is a sand filled leach pit. After the liquids go through this chamber, they go out into the water table as clean water, which is good for the environment.

First chamber -- 5,000 liter plastic tank (concrete basin will be poured around it)

Second chamber -- 2,500 liter plastic tank (concrete basin will be poured around it)

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