Marbello Project: Septic System

We are building a three chamber septic system, rated for use by 20 people.

  • The first chamber is a 5,000 liter tank where solids and liquids are separated.
  • Next the liquids go into the second chamber, which is a 2,500 liter tank with a gravel filter system.
  • Finally, the third chamber is a sand filled leach pit. After the liquids go through this chamber, they go out into the water table as clean water, which is good for the environment.

First chamber -- 5,000 liter plastic tank (concrete basin will be poured around it)

Second chamber -- 2,500 liter plastic tank (concrete basin will be poured around it)



  1. Alex Trent said

    Do you have more information about your septic system…the brand name/model and who may be able to provide information about a similar system?

    • leegreenberg said

      I went through Richardson Hardware in Managua for my eptic tanks. Is the septic system for a project in Nicaragua?

  2. jose armando moreno said

    Hey there, I just got back from Esteli where my family owns a piece of land outside the city. we’re building a new home for my parents and there is plenty of space for a few more. well, actually for my siblings and I. What sorta cost are you looking at for this project.

    • leegreenberg said

      I would be happy to assist you if you are interested in a container home your property in Esteli. The base price for the container home projects is $65 a square foot. The price goes up as the detail of the work increases. The more windows you have etc. affects the price. If you send me your ideas I can give you a base quote and we can work from there.

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