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Marbello Project: Next Steps

Now that the first floor is complete, we’re moving on to the next steps of the project.

We began work on the containers by cutting out the walls where the two 2nd floor containers meet. This floor will be made into two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, with a screened in porch off the Master Bedroom.

We are also building the structure to hold the solar hot water heater on the rooftop.

We are also building a tire wall in front of the house, to act as a dual retaining wall and stairwell to the front yard.


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Marbello Project: Front Double Doors

On the first level, we have double doors looking out over the front yard. On the south side of our property, we have a view of a protected nature area, where we often see/hear birds and howler monkeys. Soon we will also have a pool in the front yard, made out of a shipping container of course!

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Marbello Project: First Floor Bathroom

Now that we have moved in, we will be posting pictures of various parts of the first floor, starting with the bathroom.

This modern shower and jacuzzi tub has many amenities, such as built in lighting and radio, but it is also eco-friendly, using a low flow shower head. Also, we will be installing a solar hot water heater system so that we can have hot water baths and showers.

All of the sinks, showers, and laundry in the house will flow into our gray water system, keeping our yard and garden watered and green all year round. Also, the TV/DVD player shown in this picture runs off 12 volt DC power, which conserves energy.

Continuing with the eco-friendly theme, the toilets in all the bathrooms are low-flush, with small tanks, using about half the water of a regular toilet.

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Marbello Project: Prepping for the Move

We have finally resolved the issues with the well, and Lee is back from his trip to the US, so we are starting to make the move to the new house. We will be living on the first floor while the rest of the house is completed — next we’ll finish the rooftop terrace, then the kitchen/living area on level 3 and finally the bedrooms on level 2. For now, we will be using the office on the first floor as our bedroom.

Here are some pics of the custom made captain’s bed we had built for maximum storage space. Notice the drawers below the bed and also on the headboard.

Now that we have water to the house and the plumbing has been tested, we are finishing up the bathroom on the first level. The pics below show the inside and outside of the bathroom walls, which are made of Durock, a cement board that is waterproof and is therefore good for use in bathrooms.

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