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Marbello Project: First Window on the Second Floor

We cut the first window on the second floor. This window is in the Master Bedroom, and it is the test window to make sure our custom window frames fit properly. After this test, we will cut and install all windows on the second floor.

The pictures below show an inside and outside view of the window.


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Marbello Project: Second Floor Walls

We are currently installing the walls on the second floor, which will have the master bedroom and bathroom, as well as a large guest bedroom and full bathroom.

The first photo shows the wall bordering the master bedroom and walk-in closet. The second photo shows the guest bathroom wall.

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Marbello Project: Hardwood Floors

Shipping containers come with marine grade hardwood floors built in, so we are sanding and staining them so that we have finished hardwood flooring on both the second and third levels.

The first photo below shows part of the second floor after the sanding was completed, and the remaining photos are samples of the stain colors from which we are selecting.

Currently our 1st choice

Currently our 2nd choice

Same stain used on first floor ceiling (click for ceiling photo)

Varnish only

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