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Marbello Project: Second Floor Update

The second floor is really coming along now. We have installed all of the windows, hung two of the pocket doors and built the flagstone bathroom floors. We have the first coat of the stucco paint on most walls and we are working on finishing them all.



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Marbello Project: Work is progressing at a rapid pace!

Work is progressing at a rapid pace, which is a great part about building with containers! Another great thing about the containers is that they help us achieve the minimal waste goal of this construction project. Even the pieces of aluminum we cut out for the windows are being reused. You can see how we built the roof of the pet house with sections we cut out from the containers. Every piece of aluminum will be used in some part of the project.

I can’t blog fast enough to keep up with our accomplishments. Over the last week we have:

Finished building the pet house
Completed the first coat of stucco on the second floor interior
Installed the pipes for the remaining three bathrooms
Installed the electrical for the second floor
Poured the floor for the second floor bathrooms
Cut the all the openings for the patio doors and windows for the second floor

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