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Marbello Project: Progress as of mid November

We have made great progress so far on the house as a whole and especially the second floor. We will have the second floor ready to live in on Saturday.

Progress on the whole house:  We have repainted the front of the house on the first level. The solar water heater tank is installed and we should have hot water soon. We are having a custom garage door built, and work is starting on the rooftop terrace next week.

Progress on the second floor: The hardwood floors came out great! The exterior doors are being installed. The interior doors and pocket doors are all installed. The bathroom stone vanities are almost finished. The custom medicine cabinets and mirrors will be installed in the bathrooms on Saturday. We have all the sinks, toilets and tubs ready to be installed later today. The entire electrical system is installed and tested. The walls have two coats of paint on them. We are beginning esthetic touchups on the little things that need it.

Progress on the third floor: The bathroom stone floor is finished. We have started painting the walls in the bathroom with the textured paint. We are beginning the work on the third floor electrical system.


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Marbello Project: Flooring

The second floor hardwoods have been sanded and waterproofed. One section of the guest bedroom has the first coat of polyurethane, and the crystal finish will follow.

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