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Marbello Project: Progress at the end of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, we realize just how far we have come towards the completion of the container home. Since September, we have done the following:

  • Completed the interior of the first and second floors.
  • Installed all windows.
  • Completed the rooftop terrace — including solar hot water heater, hot tub, and guard rails.
  • Begun converting the third floor containers into livable space.
  • Made great progress on the second floor screened porch.

Early next year we will pick up the work on the tire retaining wall again, finish the third floor, and start work on the outside covering and insulation for the container portion of the house.

The rooftop terrace is complete

Progress on the screened porch is well underway

All the windows are installed

Making progress on the third floor


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Marbello Project: Progress as of early December

So far we have completed the interior of the second floor which contains the master bedroom, guest bedroom and two bathrooms. We had our first house guests who stayed on the second floor and they loved being in the converted containers. We added our completely solar hot water tank and are thrilled with its performance. We have begun the installation of the rooftop terrace and have almost finished the installation of the garage door. The inner walls are built for the third story bathroom and office/bedroom. We are currently working on the third floor and terrace electrical.

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