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Marbello Project: Mid July 2011

We have been working diligently through this crazy rainy season and many days of power outages. We experienced some setbacks due to the bad weather and the fact that all the trucks that handled the heavy material deliveries were broken down.

The cuadadores house and the addition are nearing completion. We can start the painting as soon as the weather permits. We have decided to move the roof top hot tub from the plyson deck to the new concrete floor onto of the new construction. This keeps the great view but will alleviate the dipping on the deck due to the weight of the hot tub. This also adds another 80 square feet of terrace space.

We have been improving the water catchment system. We learned some lessons from the intense rain we have received in the last few weeks.

I have been busy designing and redesigning the kitchen and walk in closets as well as more custom furniture. As I finalize the designs and begin work I will update the blog with pictures of these projects.


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