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Marbello Project: August 2011

We are heading into the home stretch for the Marbello Container Home.  We have completed all the main work on the interior of the container home. All we have left are the kitchen cabinets, closets and the cosmetic work.

The cuidador house has been built. The finishing touches will be done in the next few days. We decided to add a home gym to the party room area.  The rooftop terrace is now larger and the hot tub has been moved to maximize the deck space. The waterproofing has been very successful and we have solved all the issues with the water getting through the terrace. All of the windows are in for the entire house. We now have the electrical installed in the new spaces and each guest room has two ceiling fans.

I have been extremely unhappy with the cost and quality of the carpentry work in Nicaragua. I have been working on milling and drying my own wood. The plan now is for me to build the closets, cabinets and office furniture for the house.

I am expecting to have the entire house finished by the end of November. I have had delays due to other projects I have been working on. The great news is that I see an increase in the eco construction in the area. Interest in my project and other eco projects has grown substantially in the last few months and this isn’t only good for Nicaragua but the world as a whole. I have been working with container home designs for many potential clients and I hope to be blogging about more projects soon. I have also been asked as a side job to create advertising and web content for another local eco builder.


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