Marbello Project: Rentals

We have listed the container home for rentals. Please check out our ad on VRBO. Feedback is appreciated.






  1. Rosa said


    Congratulations on this amazing idea. Wow!!! My husband and I live in Florida but my husband is Nicaraguan and we bought a piece of land in Carazo with the hopes of building a retirement home over there. The container idea fit perfectly with the designe we have in mind. Are you planning to build more house like this? We would like to know how the cost will be for our home?
    Rosa Ramirez

    • leegreenberg said


      I am planning on building more eco houses. I do plan on using containers and I am also considering other eco building materials.

      With the container homes I have been asked the question of building costs quite often. It is difficult to give an estimate without knowing the logistics of a particular lot.

      The basic building costs range from $65 a square foot to $150 a square foot. There are many factors to consider when building.

      To build a house similar to mine would be $100 a square foot. That includes the rain water catchment system, solar hot water, Jacuzzi style bath tubs, furniture and all. You would get a turnkey house ready to move in.

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