About Us

TECH-Nica S.A. is the premier Container Construction company in Nicaragua, also providing a variety of Eco-Friendly Products and Technology Services for your home or business. We are based in San Juan Del Sur, but we service all regions of Nicaragua.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and services for our clients. 

TECH-Nica S.A. offers the following products and services.

Container Construction

Let us build your dream home, office building, or storage facility out of recycled shipping containers.

Container Homes and Buildings are:

Container Home


Eco-Friendly Products

We can equip your home or office with a variety of eco-friendly products:

Solar Air Conditioners

  • Huge Energy Savings
  • Saves Energy 24 Hours Per Day
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Environmentally and User Friendly

Solar AC Units

Atmospheric Water Generators

  • 99.9% Pure Drinking Water Right Out of the Air
  • Dehumidifier
  • No water connection
  • Energy Efficient
  • Up to 5000 Liters of Drinking Water a Day
Atmospheric Water Generators Atmospheric Water Generators

 Solar Water Heaters

  • Safe
  • Hot Water 24 Hours a Day
  • No Electric or Propane Cost
  • Economical
  • Built to Last
  • Up to 300 Liter Hot Water Tank
Solar Water Heater Solar Water Heater

Technology Services

We provide technology services for your home or office:

  • Consumer and professional audio/visual consultation
  • Custom Home Theater Installations – including large screen TV, whole house audio, in-wall wiring
  • Home Office Setup
  • Computer Sales and Repair
  • High Definition Video Production
Computer Sales and Repair Computer Sales and Repair
High Definition Video Production High Definition Video Production



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