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Help Build a Waste-Free Eco Home & Documentary!

My idea is to build a 100% waste free eco home using a recycled 20′ shipping container. During the process I will be documenting it in high definition video.

Watch a short video about the project and you can also donate if you like it here:

I want to show the world that for a little money a huge difference can be made to help the environment and be affordable. This house will be used as a showcase for alternative energy and a model for low income areas, off grid areas and developing nations. It can also be a prototype for disaster relief as units like these could be delivered almost anywhere in the world within days. The completely sustainable eco home will be built using the following materials and including the following amenities.

20′ used shipping container
The house will be completely self-sufficient and sustainable
The house will contain an eco-friendly composting toilet
The house will include a rain water catchment system
Solar Hot water
Propane Stove
DC water pump
Solar Power
Zero Waste Construction

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Howler Monkeys at the Container Home

One morning I woke up to a family of Howler Monkeys eating flowers in some trees at the container home. I was able to catch them on tape in this short clip. You can hear their distinctive howls towards the end of the video..

Howler Monkeys at the Container Home Click on the link to watch the video.


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TECH-Nica SA Video Ad

I have created a new video ad for my company. Please check It out its just over a minute long.

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New advertisements for shipping container homes and businesses.

New advertisements for shipping container homes and businesses.

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Casa Sol Verde: New Pics

We have named the Marbello Container Home Casa Sol Verde.

Here are a few new pics of the project.

Update: We have recently improved our grey water system. It now automatically supplies water to the plants in our front yard. The system is working great so far.

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Marbello Project: Pool and Landscaping Update

I realized that I hadn’t posted any of the pictures from the pool or of the landscaping. The pool has been finished and used daily since early February. The solar pool filter unit has been awesome! I only run the AC pump for about an hour a day while we vacuum the bottom of the pool.

We are finishing up the landscaping and it has really transformed the house. We now feel like we are part of the beauty and nature of Nicaragua. I think that the iguana we had swimming in the pool one morning would agree with me. After his swim he spent the day relaxing in a tree in the front yard.

We have made an addition to our grey water system. It now automatically waters the plants on the hill in our front yard. Most of the new plants will need very little care once they have adjusted to their new home. Here are the pics:


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