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Marbello Project: Cisterns and Stonework

The rain water catchment system is complete. We got it finished just in time to catch over 1000 liters from what I think is one of the last big rains of the season. You can see the access points to the two underground cisterns in the photos.

We have a big hole where the pool is going to be. We will be working on the slab for the pool early next week.

We have made very good progress on the stonework for the driveway. The stonework will eventually go around the house and cover the pool area as well.


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Marbello Project: Mid April 2011

We have completed the stucco work on the outside of the container home.

We have moved our focus back to the tire wall. With the two loads of tires on their way we should come close to completing the wall. Once the tire wall is finished we will complete the water catchment system.

I have posted the renderings for the kitchen. The work will start on the kitchen in early May.

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Marbello Project: Progress as of the beginning of March 2011

We have almost finished the exterior on the entire container home. The radiant barrier has been working better than expected. It feels at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than it did before, even when the sun is directly on the containers.

We had another delivery of tires for the tire retaining wall, and we hope to get another load next week. We currently have enough to get us at least four feet higher on the wall. Along with the tires, the gutters for the water catchment system were delivered today.

We have been working on the layout and cabinet designs for the kitchen. Pictures will be posted soon.

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Marbello Project: Progress at the end of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, we realize just how far we have come towards the completion of the container home. Since September, we have done the following:

  • Completed the interior of the first and second floors.
  • Installed all windows.
  • Completed the rooftop terrace — including solar hot water heater, hot tub, and guard rails.
  • Begun converting the third floor containers into livable space.
  • Made great progress on the second floor screened porch.

Early next year we will pick up the work on the tire retaining wall again, finish the third floor, and start work on the outside covering and insulation for the container portion of the house.

The rooftop terrace is complete

Progress on the screened porch is well underway

All the windows are installed

Making progress on the third floor

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Marbello Project: Next Steps

Now that the first floor is complete, we’re moving on to the next steps of the project.

We began work on the containers by cutting out the walls where the two 2nd floor containers meet. This floor will be made into two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, with a screened in porch off the Master Bedroom.

We are also building the structure to hold the solar hot water heater on the rooftop.

We are also building a tire wall in front of the house, to act as a dual retaining wall and stairwell to the front yard.

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Marbello Project: Making Progress

Just wanted to give an update on the progress of our container home.

  • The tire wall is getting higher every day
  • The first floor doors have been installed, walls are painted, and the tile has been installed. We have also installed the lighting fixtures.

See the pictures below for the progress:

The tire wall is coming along nicely

Bathroom tile was made in Spain

Lighting installed and painting complete in the main room on the first floor

Fine coat of cement applied to the outside of the first floor, ready for painting

Cool view of the garage, back entrance, and tire wall

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Marbello Project: Tire Wall Stats

Tire Wall Stats:

To date, we have…

  • Used 357 tires in the wall
  • Used salvaged waste products that were going to be thrown in the dump, into a riverbed, or burned, including:
    • 150 empty cement bags
    • 100 boxes
    • 100 feet of damaged plastic wrap

The wall is about 50 tires long, and each tire weighs about 300 lbs. when filled with dirt.

We will use about 3,000 tires to build the 30 ft high retaining wall.

The tire wall is now four levels high (the bottom level is buried)

The latest batch of large tires arrives for use in the wall

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