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Marbello Project: Update December 2011

As end of the year rapidly approaches we have been diligently working on completing the project.  Here are our latest updates and Happy Holidays to everyone following the project.

We have the floor of the pool poured. The blocks are being set for the walls. We expect to have the pool completed by the third week of January including the solar pool pump and filter.

The Kitchen has been completed and came out great! I am amazed at how big the kitchen feels even though it takes up the same space as a 20’ container. I reworked the design about a dozen times and I feel it was worth the extra effort.

The second story guest bedroom is finished and looks great!  We have the new railing up on the second story veranda and furniture out on the second story screened in porch.  Now both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom have access to the porch. The custom weather proof cushions  being made for the set should be here by the end of the week.

We are starting work on extending the ground level stone work. We will have a longer stone driveway and the stone will also wrap around the house and pool.

We have a nice outdoor table and chair set on the rooftop terrace complete with a shade umbrella. The crew is working on the final coat of floor paint for the terrace as well.

Most of the work remaining on the inside of the house is all esthetic.

We have also been listing the container home on various sites for rentals. We have already started to receive inquiries and we hope others enjoy the house as much as we do.

I will begin shooting a promotional video for the container in the next few days and hope to have that on the web soon.


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Marbello Project: Cisterns and Stonework

The rain water catchment system is complete. We got it finished just in time to catch over 1000 liters from what I think is one of the last big rains of the season. You can see the access points to the two underground cisterns in the photos.

We have a big hole where the pool is going to be. We will be working on the slab for the pool early next week.

We have made very good progress on the stonework for the driveway. The stonework will eventually go around the house and cover the pool area as well.

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Marbello Project: October 2011

We are back on track after suffering from a six day power outage  along with shorter ones, severe rains and equipment failures.

We have been working on shelving for three large closets, the kitchen cabinets, generator house and captain’s beds.

The pictures illustrate the progress we have made on these projects. The generator house is almost done. I’m proud that we have managed to use almost every piece of aluminum that we cut out of the containers. I have been trying to reach the zero waste mark for the project. The double roof of the generator house is made from the walls of the containers that we cut out.

The captain’s beds are done. One of the closets is finished and the other two are under construction. I will need some more wood to complete the project.

One side of the kitchen is almost completed. The wood cabinets are in and the kitchen counter has been poured. We will be using a stain and finishing coat once the concrete has cured. We should be done with the other half in the next two weeks or so. It’s a matter of keeping the quality up and getting the wood as dry as possible before using it.

The water catchment system has been designed. We have started to run the pipes from the terrace and stairwell drains to the location that we will install the tanks in. We are using a 1500 liter and a 2500 liter tank. If we conserve water we will have storage for 90 days.

We have installed three more solar assisted air conditioners in the three bedrooms that didn’t have one. These units are much more efficient than traditional air conditioners.

I am pleased to report that even after eleven days of continuous rain our solar water heater was able to put out warm water. I was both thrilled and surprised. Now that the sun is out the water is back to super hot.

If the weather holds up and the power stays on our progress will greatly improve.

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Marbello Project: Roman Shade Curtains

Now that most of the interior of the container is complete, we have been able to do a little bit of decorating. We had custom “Roman Shade” curtains made for the master bedroom and guest bedroom on the second floor.

The tiger stripe curtains in the master bedroom were made by our friend and expert seamstress, Zoraida, who lives here in Nicaragua. The cheetah print curtains in the guest bedroom were made by award-winning needlecrafter Carol, who lives in the US.

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Marbello Project: Mid January Progress

As of the middle of January we have once again made great progress on the container home. The electrical cables were installed on the third floor and the rooftop terrace. The hot tub is installed and working well on the rooftop terrace. The screened in second story porch has almost been completed. The third story wooden floor has been cleaned, stained, filled and mostly polyurethaned. The staircase railing has been completely installed.

We are getting ready to finish the painting on the third story, install the kitchen, install the doors on that floor and finish the wood floors. Once that is completed we will start work on the exterior final finish for the house and the custom furniture.

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Marbello Project: Progress at the end of 2010

As 2010 comes to a close, we realize just how far we have come towards the completion of the container home. Since September, we have done the following:

  • Completed the interior of the first and second floors.
  • Installed all windows.
  • Completed the rooftop terrace — including solar hot water heater, hot tub, and guard rails.
  • Begun converting the third floor containers into livable space.
  • Made great progress on the second floor screened porch.

Early next year we will pick up the work on the tire retaining wall again, finish the third floor, and start work on the outside covering and insulation for the container portion of the house.

The rooftop terrace is complete

Progress on the screened porch is well underway

All the windows are installed

Making progress on the third floor

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Marbello Project: Progress as of early December

So far we have completed the interior of the second floor which contains the master bedroom, guest bedroom and two bathrooms. We had our first house guests who stayed on the second floor and they loved being in the converted containers. We added our completely solar hot water tank and are thrilled with its performance. We have begun the installation of the rooftop terrace and have almost finished the installation of the garage door. The inner walls are built for the third story bathroom and office/bedroom. We are currently working on the third floor and terrace electrical.

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